You are what you eat watch this!! Message me, I do a fantastic program to help rid the toxins and get healthy and I even earn an income to pay for it.

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30 days to lose 30 pounds

In November I was laid off my job with out notice, after working 6 days a week practically running 12/14 hours a day to make time stops and physically handling product all day it came to an abrupt stop and while I sat at home The weight didn’t stop, it added up near 20 pounds and I already wanted to lose 10 or 15 anyway, so now I need to lose near 35 pounds while being at home. Short of stopping eating i wasn’t sure what to do. While searching on the internet I met who is now my partner in business Jenna who showed me away to good health and even an income to replace my income I had just lost.

I immediately signed up and decided to use their 30 day cleanes system and to my surprise it is working, been on it for 14 days now and have lost 15 pounds so amazing and that is how I feel as well.ImageIf you ever had a thought at all about better health and you should no matter what you are looking for Isagenix is the place to be, we even have a program to help you get your products paid for. If thats not enough you can earn a substantial income just helping people get healthy with out interrupting your current job

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What do you got to lose besides pounds, stress.

Working from home

Good morning world!  I’m up sitting outside at 6am watching as people are leaving to go to there jobs thinking how lucky I am enjoying this beautiful morning and only up because it was my choice . I have to admit I was a little excited to see my first official week results of a 30 day weight loss program , 11 1/2 lbs in one week, this stuff is absolutely fantastic and I feel so good. This may sound strange but I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started feeling so good.

It’s been a life long dream to work from home but it takes a certain amount of discipline and I struggled with that for a while but I now work with a team of people that are as passionate about the health of other as I am and we have so much fun and satisfaction.

This is what I do and I would like to share my website and invite you to talk to me about joining this team of ours. . I understand someone has to stock shelfs ,flip burgers, roof houses etc but if you have the desire to help people as well as your self this is the place to be. Contact me you will be glad you did. 513-205-7007

Fathers Day

Day before fathers day and I usually get a little sad, actually a lot sad. My whole life I worked the corporate world 60/70 hours a week, just usually made enough money to pay the bills and get what the kids needed which is good I guess in a sense, but there was always something missing .I thought the whole time I was being a good dad but what I didn’t realize was we got by but we never had a closeness because I was always gone, tired, stressed and so on. maybe I’m just being to critical but now that the kids are gone on their own I get really depressed because they are too busy for me so I guess I got what I deserved, although it wasn’t all my fault and I know it happens to most fathers. All I can say to the future fathers is spend time with your kids, don’t be sitting fathers day eve wondering if they will even call you. If I could start all over I would have been in the MLM business as I am now, my own boss, work when I want, make what I work for and more important make home and family a priority because I can and I encourage all fathers to do the same if at all possible.

It’s never to late, I do get to be with my grand kids from time to time, take them camping or just out to dinner, go to their little league games on Saturday.

So Dads and Moms spend time with your family, It’s so much easier when you work from home.

I have a fabulous business and would love some business partners , Dial me today 513.205.7007 or leave your information on my site I will be glad to show you how to get started on the path to financial security on your own terms.


Our Health is so important ( Mike Trusty )

Our Health is so important    ( Mike Trusty )
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Whether you’re interested in better health or want to improve your financial status, my team and I can show you the way.
Isagenix is the ultimate transformation system to combat the toxins in our environment, improve body composition, slow the aging process and YES, create wealth. Our winning mix of innovative systems, experienced leaders, revolutionary products and generous compensation plan that has produced nearly 100 millionaires—and we’re just getting started. – See more at
In today’s world poor lifestyle habits account for 70% of serious health conditions like obesity and heart disease. Our business is a life style not a diet.

I realize that we get countless company’s trying to get us to join their businesses and I certainly understand being afraid or just saying oh no not another one, but their does come a time when your health is a priority, when you’re not sleeping, no energy to chase the kids, your weight out of control, you start thinking about your age and how can I slow down this age process, Stress levels sky rocketing, These are just a few of the things Isagenix excels in.
The products are outstanding, countless number of testimonies, weigh loss results, muscle building and fitness champions. And the best part of choosing Isagenix is the team. You will have guidance, many people to turn to for help, celebrations and more.
My website is full of help and information, you can read, explore and watch all the videos if you want but call me my team and I can give you some more personalized information that will help you. We are all different in different ways. We can also show you how you can get your products paid for by joining our team and its free to join as well, so call me let’s set up a time, we will talk, I will introduce you to many of my team and you will be confident and glad you did. you’re welcome to check this out, ask questions, see results.

On the business side of the company should you chooses to participate you will also have all the support you will ever need. I will share everything I have to help, three way calls to talk to your clients, webinars to learn, access to social media. Locally I will be holding events for associates to bring guest and whatever you need to make you successful. It’s free to join as an associate, No startup fee, no experience, just a passion to help people and it’s up to you how much money you want to make all without interrupting your current job or situation.
This is what I love and what better way to make a living then to be in control of my own destiny without limitations or controlling corporate leaders telling me what to do when to work and how much money I can make and then they lay you off after they reached their dreams.
Call me we will talk your needs!! I look forward to helping you enhance your life.
There are a lot of people in the world that would love a chance like this, if for some reason you’re not interested please help me help them.         513-205-7007