Are you living pay check to pay check? Don’t know where to turn, who to trust? Call me lets discuss whats right for you. Maybe stocking shelf’s, flipping burgers, serving people and bosses is your thing, maybe you trust our government will have social security for you when you retire and you can enjoy your retirement years, maybe your just scared to try something new because of all the scams out there. Their is a lot of maybe’s in life. Maybe you will call me to see what a great opportunity I have to offer you, maybe you will call me to see how you and your family can live a healthy life without breaking the bank. Maybe you will just continue to complain that you have no money and never do anything about it, But I know one thing I want to share Isagenix with the world and their is no maybe about that! Have a great day, maybe I will be talking with you soon.


Looking good or living longer

Looking good or living longer

You might look good heavy but it certainly does not do the body good. There comes a time when the excuses must stop, their is always a way, you just have to decide if you want to live long enough to see your grand kids or just feel healthy and enjoy your later years. Below are a few of the reasons to control your weight, and here is a link to a website that will take all the excuses away.

What kinds of health problems are linked to overweight and obesity?

Excess weight may increase the risk for many health problems, including

type 2 diabetes
high blood pressure
heart disease and strokes
certain types of cancer
sleep apnea
fatty liver disease
kidney disease
pregnancy problems, such as high blood sugar during pregnancy, high blood pressure, and increased risk for cesarean delivery (C-section)
Come see how those excuses can disappear along with that weight.

My new Web site

If you ever thought about how you can live a healthy life with out breaking the bank and something that actually works, If you thought you could use an extra $500 a month maybe  $5,000 or even $20,000 or more. I’m sure you see the disease in the world, the obesity, and understand how our body’s are sucking in the Toxins through air or food and more than take the time to visit my website, just check it out see what you think. I am looking to build huge team of people who want to get healthy, help other people get healthy and make lot’s of money.

                        Hope to see you there


Pay check to Pay Check

ImageLook familiar? Of coarse! 80% of Americans live like this, I know times are hard but it seems people have just given up or are so lazy that they know in time their going to get a portion of the hard working peoples income. I won’t get into speaking about how poor people with out jobs have better cars, eat better, have nicer cell phones and on and on so I guess the world lets it happens. But their is the next level, the middle class, live pay check to pay check, can hardly buy grocery’s, can’t buy school supply’s or even think about sending there kids to college. This is the group of people that stock shelf’s, flip burgers, work for the corporate and owners for such a small income its embarrassing sometime. But what gets me is all the excuses! I know somebody has to do the dirty jobs but if you get a chance to make a change to improve your life wouldn’t you want to do it?

I am an Entrepreneur I make a living helping other people make a good living by marketing products or services. I offer people a way to make a good living, sometimes I practically do the work for them, support then, teach them and on and on. I hear oh I will do what it takes for my family, When the time come to present the opportunity I get more excuses then you can imagine or they just simply don’t answer the phone or ever call you back while they are complaining on Facebook they can’t afford this and they can’t afford this. I realize their are a lot of scams and unreasonable opportunity’s but come on at least try!