My Name Is Mike Trusty;  I am like many a victim of the corporate world. Restaurant manager for years working 70 hours a week so the corporate leaders could achieve there dreams and be successful but greed and economy caused most of them to fall short. I thought going to a national company , Wonder bread and Hostess cake would be the answer, how could they possibly go under? Well as we all know we walk in one day and we are told sorry this is your last day, no severance, no Insurance, no owed vacation pay, no thank you for your years of waking up at  2am working until 4 or 5pm in harsh weather conditions in less than safe equipment.  Of coarse the company did such a fine job shutting down the company quickly they got millions of dollars in bonuses while over 18,000 employees lost their jobs.

I’m thankful I was participating in  a multi Level marketing company where I am now taking it to the next level and considering it to be a blessing in disguise.

This is where this Blog is leading, A step toward showing and teaching the ways of an exciting and financially rewarding business.

A business that you can work hard now but in the later years have streams of residual income coming in while you live your dream.

This is going to be an exciting summer, I can now go camping, or fishing with the kids and grand kids and much more and not have to worry what day or if I work the next day. I can go away and still work if I want. This is the life!!!!!!!!!!!


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