ImageI wish every body a fabulous day, may your your health be with you.


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If you ever thought about how you can live a healthy life with out breaking the bank and something that actually works, If you thought you could use an extra $500 a month maybe  $5,000 or even $20,000 or more. I’m sure you see the disease in the world, the obesity, and understand how our body’s are sucking in the Toxins through air or food and more than take the time to visit my website, just check it out see what you think. I am looking to build huge team of people who want to get healthy, help other people get healthy and make lot’s of money.

                        Hope to see you there


Eliminate Excuses theses woman did!

Eliminate Excuses theses woman did!

I think it is so wonderful that their are company’s out there that actually give opportunity’s to people to make a living at what ever level you want or are comfortable with. I certainly understand their are a lot of scams, and people will promises the world and you never see them again, products that are OK but not what every person wants or even needs. I understand all that because I have tried many what I thought were opportunity’s at the time but just didn’t get excited about them; their for made it difficult to sell, mostly because if I share a product or service with someone I have to have a burning passion for it myself. It wasn’t until I found Isagenix that I could feel the fire in my gut and couldn’t get off my mind the thousands of people have changed their life’s because of the fabulous products and solutions Isagenix have to offer.

Now I want to share Isagenix with the world. I hope to make people realize that they don’t have to sit home and say woes me! Some people are happy with their life’s the way it is, some people are just lazy and hopefully come around to realize life is short and their is a better way.  theses woman in this video did it and so can you. NO EXCUSES.

The great outdoors

The great outdoors

Finally got to go camping when the weather is perfect, nice and peaceful, brought couple grand kids , been looking forward to that as well. 10 am grand kids are still sleeping , hundreds of geese all over the sight like they own the place (I guess they kind of do!) can’t walk for all the droppings. Severe storms now coming in by 11am was staying another night by the fire, probably not now. But I’m grateful for the time with the kids and the little time we are here and mostly that I can do theses things because I work from home and make my own schedules. I hope all of you is having a great day. 🙂


Yes it is my first post! Before I go on; above everything else, Thank you to the people that care, for the people that go out of their way to show Gratitude,Help and guide people to do there best in life with out even blinking an eye.