Fathers Day

Day before fathers day and I usually get a little sad, actually a lot sad. My whole life I worked the corporate world 60/70 hours a week, just usually made enough money to pay the bills and get what the kids needed which is good I guess in a sense, but there was always something missing .I thought the whole time I was being a good dad but what I didn’t realize was we got by but we never had a closeness because I was always gone, tired, stressed and so on. maybe I’m just being to critical but now that the kids are gone on their own I get really depressed because they are too busy for me so I guess I got what I deserved, although it wasn’t all my fault and I know it happens to most fathers. All I can say to the future fathers is spend time with your kids, don’t be sitting fathers day eve wondering if they will even call you. If I could start all over I would have been in the MLM business as I am now, my own boss, work when I want, make what I work for and more important make home and family a priority because I can and I encourage all fathers to do the same if at all possible.

It’s never to late, I do get to be with my grand kids from time to time, take them camping or just out to dinner, go to their little league games on Saturday.

So Dads and Moms spend time with your family, It’s so much easier when you work from home.

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