Are you living pay check to pay check? Don’t know where to turn, who to trust? Call me lets discuss whats right for you. Maybe stocking shelf’s, flipping burgers, serving people and bosses is your thing, maybe you trust our government will have social security for you when you retire and you can enjoy your retirement years, maybe your just scared to try something new because of all the scams out there. Their is a lot of maybe’s in life. Maybe you will call me to see what a great opportunity I have to offer you, maybe you will call me to see how you and your family can live a healthy life without breaking the bank. Maybe you will just continue to complain that you have no money and never do anything about it, But I know one thing I want to share Isagenix with the world and their is no maybe about that! Have a great day, maybe I will be talking with you soon.


30 days to lose 30 pounds

In November I was laid off my job with out notice, after working 6 days a week practically running 12/14 hours a day to make time stops and physically handling product all day it came to an abrupt stop and while I sat at home The weight didn’t stop, it added up near 20 pounds and I already wanted to lose 10 or 15 anyway, so now I need to lose near 35 pounds while being at home. Short of stopping eating i wasn’t sure what to do. While searching on the internet I met who is now my partner in business Jenna who showed me away to good health and even an income to replace my income I had just lost.

I immediately signed up and decided to use their 30 day cleanes system and to my surprise it is working, been on it for 14 days now and have lost 15 pounds so amazing and that is how I feel as well.ImageIf you ever had a thought at all about better health and you should no matter what you are looking for Isagenix is the place to be, we even have a program to help you get your products paid for. If thats not enough you can earn a substantial income just helping people get healthy with out interrupting your current job

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What do you got to lose besides pounds, stress.