Pay check to Pay Check

ImageLook familiar? Of coarse! 80% of Americans live like this, I know times are hard but it seems people have just given up or are so lazy that they know in time their going to get a portion of the hard working peoples income. I won’t get into speaking about how poor people with out jobs have better cars, eat better, have nicer cell phones and on and on so I guess the world lets it happens. But their is the next level, the middle class, live pay check to pay check, can hardly buy grocery’s, can’t buy school supply’s or even think about sending there kids to college. This is the group of people that stock shelf’s, flip burgers, work for the corporate and owners for such a small income its embarrassing sometime. But what gets me is all the excuses! I know somebody has to do the dirty jobs but if you get a chance to make a change to improve your life wouldn’t you want to do it?

I am an Entrepreneur I make a living helping other people make a good living by marketing products or services. I offer people a way to make a good living, sometimes I practically do the work for them, support then, teach them and on and on. I hear oh I will do what it takes for my family, When the time come to present the opportunity I get more excuses then you can imagine or they just simply don’t answer the phone or ever call you back while they are complaining on Facebook they can’t afford this and they can’t afford this. I realize their are a lot of scams and unreasonable opportunity’s but come on at least try!


Working from home

Good morning world!  I’m up sitting outside at 6am watching as people are leaving to go to there jobs thinking how lucky I am enjoying this beautiful morning and only up because it was my choice . I have to admit I was a little excited to see my first official week results of a 30 day weight loss program , 11 1/2 lbs in one week, this stuff is absolutely fantastic and I feel so good. This may sound strange but I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started feeling so good.

It’s been a life long dream to work from home but it takes a certain amount of discipline and I struggled with that for a while but I now work with a team of people that are as passionate about the health of other as I am and we have so much fun and satisfaction.

This is what I do and I would like to share my website and invite you to talk to me about joining this team of ours. . I understand someone has to stock shelfs ,flip burgers, roof houses etc but if you have the desire to help people as well as your self this is the place to be. Contact me you will be glad you did. 513-205-7007